Stay alert and coffee-like alertness from modafinil. Why do athletes tend to use Modafinil as an energy booster? The simple reason is the high energy level produced assist athletes to have a high performance ahead of the rest- the reason anti-doping agencies carry out medical tests to give athletes a fair platform for competition. Modafinil greatly influences the genetic composition in an athlete by allowing transmission of neurotransmitters allowing the brain to work way beyond high levels.

Modafinil deprives you of sleep in a positive way since it allows you to become alerted hence affecting the overall composition and functioning of the body cells- the backbone of gene formation. During sleep, the body tissues and cells rejuvenate and run repair and maintenance function. However, lack of enough sleep has a negative effect on the genetic formation of the boy especially among the unborn.

Have you ever wondered what happens when staying awake for over 24 hours? Your body mechanism changes, not body chills, dizziness, fatigue, headache, and laziness. Worse of this, you have no sleep but you have the energy to do many activities. The body will but the mind is inactive. This leads to an inadequate flow of blood to major body organs responsible for maintaining the equilibrium of the physiological processes. In the end, body tissue and cell formation will have an abnormality. This is the reason you find someone with an abnormality in his or her adulthood.

The actions of the stimulant reduce the uptake of neurotransmitters- dopamine and histamine -increasing the metabolic actions of the responsible enzymes increasing the metabolic activities of the affected cells. This further helps the sleep receptors to exercise healthy activities in the cell such that lack of sleep does not have a negative effect on the body. Despite the positive impact of the stimulant, prolonged use and overdosage is precautionary.

The DNA has a double strand, in conceptions the strands separate to form different DNA, which later integrates to form yet another body tissue of different genetic characteristic. Modafinil enhances the whole process allowing increased cognitive performance allowing the consumer to have a clear and stable mind for all body functions.

A comprehensive clinical testing on the ingredients of Modafinil proves the effect of sleep homeostasis but it admits for an active individual will benefit more from the pill. In the case of consumption just to improve one’ sedentary life, it might have both negative and positive effect. Patients with inactive boy functions from malfunction of the central nervous system benefit more in this. It rectifies the genetic anomaly to near normalcy hence treating the disease. In other cases, it is similar to an individual who has energy but has no idea of what to do with it.

It awakens all the dead cells through increased production of the hormones due to faster transmission of neurotransmitter involved making the genetic composition to be within or way above the optimum levels depending on the initial state. The massive effect on the mental performance of Modafinil should be a precautionary measure on the dosage and consumption let it have a negative effect.